I am a fashion consultant who enjoys keeping up- to date about all the latest trends and current fashion

My job in Middle East AirLines as flight attendant & instructor since more than 30 years gives me the ability to connect easily with people

I look forward to share my travel and fashion experience using my knowledge of trends and fashion principles, my passion for the written word to inspire you in many fashion decisions by giving suggestions to your personal style, body type, suitable outfits for each occasion and recommendations on individual pieces, entire outfits, color palette, accessories, hairstyles, makeup, price range…to provide a fabulous look in all stages of life

I will read and appreciate all your comments, questions and truly enjoy connecting with you all

I encourage everyone to do so as I strongly believe that if you put your mind and your effort into everything you do, you are destined for success :


Please reach out to me with style questions, comments, or just a HELLO