If you are looking for a eye catching dress to wear for a cocktail party , an event , Gold dress would be the perfect choice to achieve an attractive feminine look .

Golden dresses as most bright colors are suitable for a wedding attire, or evening events and are more acceptable at outdoor summer wedding than more formal indoors events .

Look for a style that complement your body and a shade that suits your skin tone , be it gold , dark gold , rose gold or any other shades of gold .

the key with gold dress as with bold colors , less is always more to keep majority of the attraction on the dress ; Natural looking Make up , No excessive jewelry , necklaces and earrings either be minimalistic or not be worn at all .

A sure thing to avoid when wearing shiny chromatic gold dress is pairing it with neon coloured accessories.

your shoes should complement not compete with your dress ; A light gold shoes , nude or champagne look lovely with a gold dress , you can get that continues flow of color from the dress to the shoes which create a nice long lean line .

The bag should be imperceptible with a gold dress , cluth or purse wirh little grip or chain strapes . No huge bags. You can carry similar color to the shoes but in different finish or texture

In all cases don’ t be Matchy – Matchy in bag and shoes .

Personally I choose this dress in gold hues color for an outdoor summer wedding , I want to dress somewhere between formal and casual .

HERVE LEGER Metallic gold gown with tiered fringes ,knit bandages have been hand – trimmed to hang in perfect alignment , adding movement to this elegant design .

Simple hairstyle and Make up ,asymmetric dangling earrings add an arty vibe, great to be worn with a monochrome outfit .

Sandals in clear perspex glitter block heels ,small clutch with gold chain strapes both in gold rose color but in different texture .Matchy is overrated as Mismatched look , a trend that ‘s likely to become a go- go look in the year ahead.

LET IT GLOW for an impressive appearance , chic , modern elegant and remember to stay away from too many colors


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