Stay youthful no matter how many candle are on your birthday .

younger with age is not about trying to look like a teenager when you are at a mature age . It is about to grow older gracefully.

Look after yourself physically , mentally and emotionally and stay FOREVER YOUNG .






It is a matter of nourishing yourself inside and out , you are what you eat , eat a lot of fruits and vegetables and eat food containg vitamins A ,C ,E , omega fatty acids and antioxydants. Avoid processed foods , limit your intake of alcohol and sugar. Avoid smoking. hydrate and nourish your skin , drink plenty of water and get enough sleep .take care of your skin ; use the appropriate skincare products for your skin type ; cleaning and moisturizing help protect the skin and keep it healthy . regularly exfoliate , it is the best way to make your skin glow and always use suncreens and sunglasses to protect your skin from the sun . Besides the natural ways , as technology advances , there are more ways that can erase the visible signs of aging ; Botox , Wrinkle creams and Moisturizer as a kind of skin- booster that contains vitamins that help to repair and protect your skin. that apart from the endless amount of plastic surgery . But you need to know the things that make you look old and then find a way to stay looking young , and think long before deciding for a facelift . consult at least two plastic surgeons before going under the knife , then discuss and compare their suggestions.


Join a Gym , choose a fitness programs that suits your personality and lifestyle ; yoga , cardiovascular exercices and strength training , you will maintain bone density and a slim toned appearance . Exercice regularly , it will help you to control stress and prevent you from gaining weight .


Plan for happy time , take time to enjoy a moment ,participate and share interests , love ,yourself and surround yourself with others who love you , fight stress ,worry less , relax and learn to take things easy. when something goes wrong remember there is always a solution for any case. Don’t take things personally ; the only way to avoid criticism is to do nothing , don’t put your energies and resources into caring what other people think of you . Live on purpose ; a sense of purpose bring the greatest life satisfaction . Stop comparing , that a way to unhappiness and remember what you are seeing in other people is not the full picture. Count your blessing , be grateful to be alive and enjoy everyday , go for positive emontions , SMILE OFTEN , smile would make you feel more social , attractive and youthful .Certainly we should learn to accept ourselves as we are , to embrace our changing faces and physiques as the years take their roll . smile and love your age , what is the alternative to getting older ? you die . Live your life and be happy , don’t regret growing old , it is a privilege denied to many. By getting older you didn’t lose all the other ages you have been. Each year is special and precious .Celebrate your age rather than lying about it

Be comfortable , love your life and when asked about the best age , smile and say; MY BEST AGE IS NOW.

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  1. Nathalie says:

    Happy birthday !!!!

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