A healthy lifestyle can slow down and even reverse the signs of premature aging.

The skin is a direct reflection of the health of internal organs, everything you eat either helps or harms your skin.

How to glow from inside out?

Eat a balanced and healthy diet based on fruits ,vegetables, fatty fish, whole grains , seeds and raw nuts.

Stop smoking, control your consumption of alcohol , sleep well and manage your stress.

Habits to healthy skin:

Wash your face twice a day and apply day creme and night creme appropriate to your skin type

Invest in a good skin products

Do not skip the sunscreen

But as we age the production of Collagen, Elastin and the hydration molecules start to slow down in our body and keep on decreasing as we are aging.

Unfortunately we cannot increase our intake of food even healthy food because at a mature age we have tendency to gain weight.

The choice of a good food supplement will boost the production of collagen , elastin and the hydration molecules because the lost of these three elements is what causes wrinkles, dark spots, flabby skin and other signs of aging to appear.

Nothing feels as good as succeeding in this goal , so say YES to the most rewarding system to stay young


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