One of the newest Trends in beauty right now is the natural look, we want to apply Makeup that look like we are not wearing Makeup. The very basics of the NO MAKEUP Makeup is to embrace your natural face and enhance your natural beauty .To achieve an “ I woke up like this face” doesn’t require to be professional in Makeup .

Step by Step how to apply NO MAKEUP Makeup

First and most important ; great Makeup begins with great skincare, always prepare your skin, start with a clean face ; use a gentle cleanser follow up with a toner to remove any leftover Makeup , dry your face then apply moisturizer appropriate for your skin type. Exfoliate your skin one time per week, it removes dead skin cells from the surface ,encourage the growth of healthy new skin cells , leaving your face looking fresh and radiant

Primer & Foundation

If you choose a tinted moisturizer that match your skin tone such as BB cream ( Beauty Balm cream ) and CC cream ( color correcting ) which act as a moisturizer , primer with SPF protection and anti – aging ingredients . this way you won’t have to apply primer or foundatiton . this creams are lighter than foundation. if you opt for a base face primer which will achieve a smooth finish and help makeup to stay on your face longer , then choose a foundation that match your skin tone and type ; from cream , liquid or powder foundation

Cream foundation ; the heaviest one suitable for normal to dry skin ,apply with makeup sponge , makeup brush or fingers

Liquid foundation ; light foundation suitable for dry and combination skin , apply like cream foundation

Powder foundation ; the lightest one , suitable for oily skin , it will reduce shine , use a sponge to apply or powder brush .


Optional , if you have normal to dry skin , you can skip this step . the powder is good for oily skin , it will reduce shine , For combination skin type , use powder to T zone and oily areas of the face , apply with a large fluffy brush in a circular motions


Concealer is perfect to cover dark eye circles , dark spots or any imperfections . It has to be one or two shades lighter than your skin .

Bronzer & Highlighter

Optional , bronzer and highlighter are complexion products .

Bronzer is ideal to achieve the appearance of a suntan . Bronzer should be one or two shades darker than your skin tone .For a sun-kissed look apply bronzer liquid or powder anywhere sun would naturally hit your face ; on forehead , top of cheeks , around the nose and jawbones

Highlighter or illuminator make your skin more glowing and fresh , apply on brow bone , apple of the cheeks , above the eye brow , inner corner of the eye , bridge of the nose , right on the bow of the lip and on chin .


Apply blush on top of your cheekbones in color that suits you. Light skin ; soft pinks , light corals , peaches

Medium skin ; rich pinks , warm mauves , deep peaches

Dark skin ; deep fushias , warm browns , tangerines

Whether you choose cream or powder blush , don’t apply too much for a natural healthy glow .


Full brows add a youthful touch to your entire face .

To fill in brows start with clean , dry brows .

Brush your eyebrows into a neat shape then whether you use a brow powder or pencil choose one shade lighter than your natural brows .Make sure they are not over drawn to keep a natural look but just filled.


This step is optional but if you decide to use eyeshadow choose a natural shade that match your skin tone and the color of your eyes :

Blue eyes ; dark blue , grey , silver bronze , brown , copper , taupe

Brown eyes ; bronze , brown , taupe , blue , green , grey , purple

Green eyes ; green , forest green ,gold , pink , taupe , purple

Grey eyes ; blue , charcoal , silver ,brown , gold , green , purple


The use of eyeliner is optional but it draws more attention to the eye , can change the eye shape and make the lashes look lush . the choice of the eyeliner ,pencil , liquid or gel depends on what is easiest for you to work with . you can apply eyeliner above upper lashes or below lower lashes or both . use a taupe- colored eyeliner on the water lines to open up your eyes


Mascara is the quickest way to brighten eyes and enhance the eyelashes

It is easy to apply ; more on your upper lashes and a little on your lower one.

Lipliner & Lipstick

Outline your lips with liner, a color that matches your lipstick color if you have dry lips use a lip balm before you fill your lips with lipstick . For extra glimmer ,apply a coat of lip gloss

Choose a nude lipstick color close to your natural lip color or one shade brighter.

For daytime you can use a tinted lip balm or a lip gloss instead of lipstick.

Applying Makeup can be fast , simple and easy, however using the wrong shades and improper Technique can make your Makeup look fake and unnatural.

Trying a few different application techniques can also be helpful in finding the perfect Makeup look just for you.

NO MAKEUP Makeup is the ultimate solution for natural “WAKEUP look ; dewy skin , bright eyes , and flushed cheeks.

This “ I am – not – wearing makeup effect “ is perfect for daytime or going casual .

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