Women come in different body types or shapes , its important and essential to know your body shape and its caracteristics to be able to dress in a way that really suits you.

The most common female body shapes are four ; Banana or straight , Apple , Pear or bell and Hourglass shape.

Measure yourself to determine your body type ; Measure your Bust , Waist and Hip

BANANA or Straight ; bust and hips are approximately the same size , no defined waist , a rectangular shape .

APPLE ; the upper part of the body is larger than the lower one , bust are larger than hips , an inverted triangle shape or triangle downward shape

PEAR , spoon or bell ;the lower part of the body is larger than the upper one , hips are wider than bust , a triangle shape or triangle upward shape

HOURGLASS ; bust and hips are almost the same size with defined waist , triangles opposing facing in shape

Note that not every women falls exactly into one of this categories , some body types have a tendency to gain or lose weight in certain areas , you might be a pear with extra weight around your waist or a hourglass with pear tendencies , an apple shape with heavy hips . knowing your basic body type or the closest to your body is about dressing to look your best.

There is no ideal body type , each one has several beautiful parts , despite if you are thin or fat , tall or short ,you cannot change your body type , emphasize your advantages;

SHOP YOUR SHAPE and wear to make the best of what you have .

BANANA or rectangle body shape ; you need to break up your silhouette , create curves and define your waist.

Wear tops and dresses with collars and ruffles, round open necklines skinny jeans , pencil and tulip skirts long jackets that shape the waist , cropped pants and trousers and belts

Don’t wear straight dresses and skirts , crop tops , square necklines , menswear clothing , baggy jeans and track clothes.

APPLE or triangle downward body shape ; you need to add definition and hide the extra weight in your mid riff , draw attention to the top and lower third of your body.

Wear shirts , dresses with slight V-necks , flared pants , skinny pants below your hipbone , knee length A-line skirts , necklace and dangly earrings ,small handbags and wedges

Don’t wear , high waisted pants and skirts , bodycon clothes ,large belts , gathered and ruffle skirts , shoulder bags .

PEAR or triangle upward body shape ; you need to add volume to upper body for a balanced silhouette and minimize the lower part

Wear boat , ruffled and large V , U necklines ,high waist pants and skirts, straight leg jeans and pants , A-line dresses and skirts, Short tops or gilet for layering , necklace and patterned scarf , shoulder bags.

Don’t wear , patterns details on hips and thighs , pencil dresses and skirts ,low waist skinny jeans , low belts

HOURGLASS or triangles opposing facing in body shape ; you need to embrace your curves and accentuate your waist

Wear wrap tops and dresses , V necklines ,waist defined jackets , pencil and A – line skirts, bodycons , boot cut , straight jeans and pants , belts

Don’t wear large patterned dresses and skirts , ruffles , boxy empire cut tops and dresses , high necklines , low rise jeans and pants.

Your body type and shape should always take preference on Fashion Trends , your body type will stay with you your whole life whether you are satisfied with your forms or you prefer to look differently . there is no best or worst body type , the ideal body type changes through history. All body types have “ pros “ and “ cons “ . instead of trying to change it , believe that there is a beautiful body for everybody and wear the right dressing that could make you adore your own body and look your best .

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