Elie Saab Spring/Summer 2017 Haute Couture

Egypt was the arts center in 1940’/1950’ ;

Fashion, cinema, music, theater.

Cairo was the capital of elegance and creativity.

Elegance from the past Elie saab inspired his collection spring/ summer 2017 from the golden period. It appeared in bouffant dresses, long, medium length, oriental inscriptions , geometric lines, palm trees and star shapes.The blue eye which symbolize Domiat ( a historical area in Egypt ) in embroidery and engraving of arabic calligraphy on smooth and translucent fabrics as tulle, lace, in gradients of colors, grey, white, blue, pink, gold .

Handbands also remind us of the 1959’s, which overwhelmed this fashion collection.

Elie Saab tried to add the elegance in evening wear to daywear but it is clear that he is attracted to the evening dresses that were the cause of his fame in 1980’s.

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