Dalida Movie 2017


Twice honoured with the oscar

( the world oscar of recording success)

She is the only European singer to have won this award more than once and the first one to receive platinum and diamonds discs.

In honor of Dalida 30 years after her death, this movie is a french biographical drama film about her life directed and produced by Liza Azuelos and star Svena Alviti as Dalida.

Yolanda cristina Gigliotti born in Cairo, Egypt in 1933 know later as Dalida.

Origin Italian , work as model for Dona, a fashion home and won Miss Egypt 1954. It was when she was spotted by a french director Marc de gastyne, she moved to Paris with him and started a career of actress and singer. By the realese if Bambino 1956, she was the first lady to get the gold disc. 2000 songs in more than 10 languages, French, Spanish, Arabic,Hebreu, German,Italian,…. more than 170 million albums sold worlwide in 30 years of career from 1956 until 1986.

The film illustrated her passion for the fashion by inimitable wardrobe, elegant and bold fir the need of her career. Her costumes, her outfits was in her image, a free, sexy and modern woman which remain an inspiration to designers.

Rany Zakhem , Georges Hobeika , Lebanese designers who inspired their collections spring/ summer 2017 haute couture from Dalida outfits.

Also her fashion fair was held from April 26 to August 13 in Le palais Galleria

( the musuem of fashion of Paris).

Despite her career, her private life was tumultuous and tragic

In 124 mn time the film is a decrytion of the discomfort and weakness of the stars.

The strong and famous star has not been able to realize her dream of motherhood and family life with a man who loves and protects her.

The only man who stayed in her life was her brother Orlando.

Failed marriages, an abortion left her infertile, 3 of her lovers committing suicide before she herself ended her life in 1987 by an overdose of barbiturate leaving a letter of farwell to her lovers and fans asking them forgiveness.

A tragical and tortured private life, an outrageous contrast between her long professional success.

This film highlights this ambivalence between public and private woman.

The icon of music and fashion couldn’t find similar success in her love life,

Dalida fever ended from an overdose of loneliness.

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