The culture of Lebanon and the Lebanese people emerged from various civilizations over thousands of years, population composed of different religions groups.This variety is reflected in the country’s festivals,musical styles,literature, architectural styles …and Fashion styles.

Despite of the diversity of the Lebanese, they share almost common culture. Many christians and most muslims who live in the cities wear European style clothes.

In the countryside women sometimes wear traditional colorful skirts and men wear traditional sherwal ( buggy trousers) .

Dress was historically ottoman but remains only as part of the folk culture

Today almost all Lebanese wear western clothing.The Lebanese have proved more resilient and understanding of cultural change. Trends catch on in this country and locals are likely to accept this.Beirut specifically,are places that seem to seamlessly blend east and west. post -world war two, Lebanon became a French colony with all the cultural clash that comes with such an occupation.Lebanese people mix traditional and “ French style” of dress.

A visionary fusion of the modern east and west.

Downtown Beirut and its souks are a hub of luxury shopping in the region with names like Hermes, Louis vuitton, christian Dior, Gucci,

Prada .. on display.

Aishti is a Lebanese luxury department chain stores with various branches throughout Lebanon sells Luxury international brands and Aishti foundation is a 350.000 square- feet an art gallery all created by a businessman and art collector Tony salame CEO and chaiman of Aishti, was awarded the order of Merit of the Italian Republic in March 2015, “ Italy’s highest honor” by the Italian Embassy in Beirut for his achievements.

ESMOD was the first school to be established in 1999 that specialized in Fashion , the school presence in Beirut proves that Lebanon is a Fashion center in the region.and makes the city a source of endless talent.

Lebanese designers, names like Elie Saab, Zuhair Mrad, Reem Acra, Tony Ward, Rabih Keyrouz,are only a few more of the designers who have reached international fame and all have added their own personal touch to Lebanese style which is defined by Romanticism,Luxury, glamorous,… produces a certain level of Fashion singularity and in environment in which Fashion and design can flourish.

Lebanese high society are quick to consume Fashion good ,People who can not buy luxury brands choose less expensive one.

Mass Market brands such as MAx Mara, Zara, Mango, H&M, Bershka,or they try to get luxury brands at affordable prices in outlet stores or online stores which are numerous in Lebanon. cultural enrichment and beauty is readily embraced by a lot of the population.Beirut a capital once called“ The Paris of the Middle East, the Switzerland of the Middle East is often considered as European’s gateway to Western Asia as well as Asia’s gateway to the western world. Had the political and financial situations been better throughout the 20th and 21 centuries. Lebanon could have been the region”s most fashionable country, the strongest fashion hubs.

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