History of Denim

The Legend of Jeans

In everyone closet without exception, regardless of their age and status.

Jeans for the poor worker and rich businessman, for the teenage, house wife and worker woman, for famous stars and princesses .

Fashion of all seasons and occasions

Levi Strauss a pedlar and Jacob David a tailor had immigrated to north America in the 1850’s, teamed up from necessity and created JEANS that influence cultural groups at the last 140 years and even today, from working pants to high fashion.

They started together by making work pants for miners out if the canvas that Levi Strauss has brought fir the assembly of tents.

In 1860 he began to fabricate pants from Denim dyed with indigo. They were named blue jeans ( named after the city of Genoa in Italy where cotton “ jeane” is manufacturated ).

Denim is heavy twill- woven cotton that absorbs moisture and dries quickly.

Jeans styles changed over the years to make it more durable, copper rivets were added to reinforce the point of stress. Jacob David added pockets, zipper to Levi jeans.

Western women who worked in farms began to wear the’ men’ jeans until 1934 when the Ladi Levi was born with adjustement to fit the female shape; classic high waisted but still it was working clothes ; overalls, dungarees… It became popular in 1940 after it was worn in western and cowboys movies in this period.

In the 1950’s jeans was popularized and glamourized by James Dean and Marlon Brando in movies such as “ Rebel without a cause” and blue denim worn also by Marilyn Monroe in the 1960’s. In the 1970’s jeans got wider flares an bell- bottom. In 80’s the classic high waisted, wide in the tigh, tight at the bottom. 90’s added lighter washes and rips. 2000’s briught low waist, patchwork, heavily faded. Today we incorporate all these trends.

The symbol of disobedience, and youth rebellion in the 50’s became a fashion staple in most celebrities wardrobe. competition started among the manufactures.

Wrangler invented the colorful jeans.

Morris Cooper who was manufacturing in 1900’s military uniforms started to produce jeans for women, men , children in the 50’s as Lee Cooper.

They said Musicians of rock, the beattles … lived in jeans. Denim ‘ THE MUST HAVE’ in all people wardrobe, that to imagine a time without jeans is almost impossible. Not only pants but also jackets, dresses, skirts … many outfits until nowadays.

Denim Dream who made no distinguish between sexes , age groups, and classes even queens , princesses loved practical and confortable jeans.

Furniture design is also influenced by this useful fabric , used in upholstery, carpets, home accessories …..

Jeans fashion is a link between the past and present, will remain until the future.

A continuous and endless fashion.

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