GUCCI cruise resort 2018


A new surprise in Gucci collection

“cruise resort 2018“ from Alessandro Michele, the creative director of Gucci.

he proved again his admiration and nostalgia for the arts of Renaissamce and Antiquity through his luxurious vision.

For this collection,Michele Alessandro brought the brand back to its home in Florence.

Florence Pitti Palace was the backdrop for Gucci Resort 2018 show throughout seven rooms of the palace filled with Renaissance Arts.

Michele’s collections for Gucci offer a startling , miscellany of styles inflected with a high-end vintage sensibility.

Michele lightly tweaks his template from season to season. his cloths are shaped by the decades he has past exploring the Museums and archives of European cities.

the first men’s and women’s combined show which comprised 119 looks.

Nothing was off limits in the search for inspiration, Antique,textiles and cloths eclectic and vibrant pieces gumbled together in a colourful melange of vintage and new.this show was a smorgasbord of paisley patterned silks, floral velvet, paintbox coloured lace and just about every other colour and fabric from tweed to brocade, accessories; leopard prints turban, glitter wreaths, silver tiaras, glitter sunglasses, dragon and tiger embroideries and pearls incarnation in many design, the body embellishment with pearl trimming and fingertips dipped in black ink..

for the trousers shape, every look was entirely different cut, entirely brillant, funky haircuts, piercings, punky girls. gender was so blurred that you look to the clothes for identity.The collection is designed to plug the gaps between seasons.

so outwears and coats and track pants will be still needed even in summer season.

The renaissance inspired gows, seventies prints, golden laurel wreaths Latin verses, jewel- encrusted shoes,the handbags of Gucci had tiny copies of “Jane Austen” noveties in them… were some of the historically minded elements of Michele’s collection.The famous double GG motif proliferates on belt buckles and handbags, red and green stripes

Also Michele’s collection have highlighted his knowledge of Gucci past, he has been living rhe brand for many years, understanding the history as he was the “Gucci accessories” designer before being the creative designer.he is more Gucci than anybody else.

Michele’s cloths are pretty not overtly sexy and young and joyful, combining vintage elements in ways that make them entirely modern and fresh. For him A Gucci is a treasure to be worn and loved long after you has purchased. That it’s future- proof in the same way that vintage clothes are.

Michele is a much historian as he is a creative director, he looks at Modern Fashion with a deeply historical eyes. He said;”Fashion is about creating emotion, it is not necessarily rational”

For his collection cruise 2018 he go back to the Brand roots to show heart- arts soul of Gucci origins.

Gucci Brand, a luxury fashion house; ” THE DEN OF ANTIQUITY “

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