Sarah Beydoun


Sarah beydoun, the founder of sarah’s bag trained 200 underprivileged women in Lebanon ( prisoners and former prostitutes) to become the artisans who create one-of-kind hand crafted bags and accessories.A Lebanese fashion house and social entreprise.

SARAH’S BAG balances style and social good

Let’s see how sarah beydoun told us her story when we asked her

tell us more how did you get into the fashion design business ?

I studied sociology at the American university of beirut, when i whrote my thesis on female prostitution and prisoners, i thought of them during my visits to the prison, I had the idea to offer them an opportunity to be productive to help them to maintain their dignity and self-esteem, and to help them integrate back in society.

What was the most difficult phase when you started the work?

the most difficult stage was to make these women with all their psychological problems to meet the deadlines and accuracy of implementation to ensure good and continuous production.

Where do you get your inspirations for your handbags designs?

We work with Lebanese and Middle Easten pop culture, mixing it up with traditional handmaded techniques, and everything or anything can be an inspiration. a travel trip .or chilhood memories.

What do you use most in your pieces?

The common denominator is HANDWORK includes handcraft embroidery, crocheting, beading , sewing etc ….

our goal is to offer the beautiful art and at the same time we wanted to be distinguished in the sense of tradition and culture.

What do you feel when you see celebrities wearing your handbags ,( Qeen Rania of Jordan and Amal Alammedine Cloony…)

I feel proud and happy that some of the most elegant women choose Sarah’s bags.

They are an example to be followed as they work for humanitarian issues especially concerning women

What are your latest fashion trends for autumn/ winter 2017/2018?

The Autumn and Winter collection revolves around women. iI created this collection as the famous song :


inspired by the recent protest in Washington, which raised banners and slogans calling for equality of women and men.

A Last word you want to say?

The biggest success for women is to learn,work and produce, regardless of whether they are rich or poor. Through my personal experience, she needs to learn and work in order to create and become more powerful and independant.

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